Unique Encryption Techniques from hackercheats.com

Encryption techniques used by the programmers at hackercheats.com are said to be the result of combining the methods for controlling user interface, object and DLL manipulation, sniffing and crypto cracking. They are based on the strong coding derived from logically created algorithms. They are capable of dynamic access to resources inventory, detection of graphics and mapping interfaces, accuracy of object movements and target marking, branching of control and breaking the standard set of gaming rules imposed by the original software.

User Interface Control from hackercheats.com

The mode of interface creation techniques used by the gaming software varies for every type of game. But they use some of the standard controls like command buttons. Text boxes, lists and combos, toolbox etc. They are controlled by unique sets of events related to clicks, mouse hover, and key press, key down, key up, function keys and so on. The same event in different gaming screen can have varying effects based on the specific user interface screen and object control.

  • The main task of hacking code is to have a control over the code which gets executed upon the event. For this the program has to get hold of the “programming thread” at runtime. This is easier said than done. Only an experienced programmer having knowledge of the native level coding for system level applications will be able to track the threads. By tracking these threads, the programmers at hackercheats.com are able to replace them with a finite set of codes which they have written. This whole process has to be done through many sets of automatically executing triggers. They are set to be activated based on the event.
  • Complex sets of maps and graphics can be broken down into manageable pieces of data structures by the set of hacking programs. By intercepting the direction in which the “dangers” are located, the code can effectively block the users from moving those directions. Moreover they can also automate the direction and speed of specific movements which can take them to higher levels in the game with fewer or no keystrokes at all.
  • The task of security evasion in the background can result in slowing down object movements in the user interface. This leads to unsatisfactory user experience while playing the game. This is said to be one of the serious limitations faced by many of the hacking tools. However the programmers at hackercheats.com are able to separate the two processes from each other and run the security evasion code at the proxy server end. This has enabled the users to experience the original graphical effects and speed of movement in the game.

Object Manipulation Techniques from hackercheats.com

The standard behavior and actions of the gaming objects are manipulated at runtime to gain maximum leverage over the flow of game. This is done by changing the attributes of objects at runtime. The aim is to reduce the intensity of resistance to resource (fuel, power, health, coins, currency etc) gathering, object targeting (enemies and hurdles) and skipping of boring rounds and levels.

Cool Math Freezeria “On The Tropical Island”

 Cool Math Introduction:

Cool Math is a website that holds a network of many people. The whole name is “Cool Math- games.com” which helps individuals to make contact and create a relationship in learning environment. These sites got started since 1997 to make math interesting and enjoyable. It involves people with negativities about math in just like as a fun.  As a result, this website convinced millions of people in the world over the years.

Cool Math Gaming

Cool Math .com:

This site includes explanations that are very easy to get a grip on several topics such as pre-calculus and Algebras etc. It was the first site on that network which offers people from 12-100 ages. This site provides you a pleasant environment to help individuals finally understand even if you are a teacher.

Cool Math for Childs:

Its main purpose also included teaching kids in Hilarity Park of math, game with much more fun. It was designed for 12 and under users to teach them math.

Cool Math Gaming Availability:

This game is also available to iPod, iPhone, and Android phone.

Cool Math gaming upbringings:

For everyone, it is a brain-training site. It helps logic and thinking the power to manage the necessary requirements of games and fun. These games show no any type of violent behavior and empty actions. It provides you competing for power which will also enable you to forget about the mental workout.

Freezeria Introduction:

On cool math.com website, Papa’s Freezeria is an ice cream making game on the front of the ocean. As in the subject “Cool Math Freezeria” finally, cool math is a website and Freezeria is a game. This game was made for Childs to create a healthy balance between work and play. There are also different types of Papa’s games of which some are as follows:

Papa’s Gaming Platform:

  • Papa’s Bakery
  • Papa’s Cheesery
  • Papa’s Donuteria
  • Papa’s Wingeria
  • Papa’s Cupcakeria
  • Papa’s Hot Doggeria
  • Papa’s Taco Mia
  • Papa’s Pan cakeria
  • Papa’s Pastaria
  • Papa’s Burgeria
  • Papa’s Pizzeria


If you want to play “Cool Math Freezeria” game just follow on given instruction thoroughly. First of all, go to Cool math-games.com website by writing on opened tab of any browser. Then there will open a gaming platform as you have seen as many other gaming platforms.

Select Papa’s Freezeria game in many of others as I have mentioned above. After loading the game, you will be asked to press the button of play. There will start the game soon. Select one saves slot to start the new game. Then select any one character of two.

The characters are Alberto and Penny. Then understand well the specified scenario before starting the game.  Now, you are in working or playing environment. There you will see four working stations where you have to work under customer requirements of ice cream order. First, you have work while going through Order station then Build station, then Mix station and finally the Top station. Take orders more, to earn enough money on tropical island “Freezeria shop.”