It is impossible to overstate the importance of technology in business. As an entrepreneur, it’s almost impossible to run a successful venture without relying on technology. You need it for the data about your target audience, to analyze market trends, to balance your sheets, set your goals, and so many more.

Despite the usefulness, there are still valid reasons why you shouldn’t rely on technology as an entrepreneur.

Here are some compelling reasons why you shouldn’t rely too much on technology and adopt something like one of those EMP tricks that helps to reduce the rate at which you rely on technology today:

  1. Your business needs the human feel to it

There are undeniable benefits to the use of technology in business. But then, the thing with relying on it is that it takes away the human feel from your business. Everything simply seems automated, tech-driven and structured. Customers over time start feeling distant from your business as they can’t relate with it anymore.

Without relying on technology, this problem is averted. The customers will tend to feel valued due to the personal structure of your service, and the fact that they can relate to your business.

  1. You need to cut costs

Everyone keeps tooting the benefits of technology. What they don’t mention is how much funds have to go into the procurement, use and maintenance of the technology used in business. Take for an example the huge sums that go into social media marketing. I’m talking enormous sums here.

As an entrepreneur, cutting this reliance on technology helps you cut cost greatly. You can then expand your business adequately, or diversify as you see fit.

  1. You need to test your creativity

One of the problems experts attribute to technology is the loss of one’s ability and willingness for creative thinking. Because everything today can be automated, people barely, if ever, care to put in creative thoughts in their business. They simply go online and find ideas, then streamline it to suit them.

Without the reliance on technology, an entrepreneur’s ability for creative thinking is greatly boosted. Since he knows the only way to succeed is to put all his creativity in, he or she is sure to excel.

  1. You need to be meticulous

In the use of technology for business, a lot of grouped data is rarely ever analyzed with respect to individual businesses. Trends are monitored but rarely ever studied with respect to a particular business. Once it looks good, many delve in, sometime to their own disadvantage.

Eliminating the reliance on technology helps an entrepreneur to carry out in-depth and careful studies into market trends, with respect to his own business. This way he or she can see where there are loopholes, and whether to tap into a trend or to pass.

  1. You need the challenge

Quite frankly, many people prefer the easy way out. In business, technology is quite the easy way. People can barely function without it. It technology ceased to exist, their businesses would crash.

You as an entrepreneur have to do more. You have to relish the challenge of not putting all your eggs in technology’s basket. Rather, create your own path. Add value to the process; find ways to improve everything you have, including the technology. Only then can your business truly thrive.

In conclusion, technology is again, great for business. But you don’t have to totally rely on it. It’s not the very oxygen your business needs to survive.