Diabetes and Some Varying Factors You Should Know About

Diabetes Loophole eBookDiabetes has so many factors contributing to it continuous prevalence in today’s community. Thus, the ignorance of people about the dangerous disease has and it still causing a lot of havoc. On seeing The Diabetes Loophole eBook I saw a need for people to understand every contributing factor increasing the population of diabetic patient till date. Probably, this could help lower the risk of diabetes in the community. There are lots of campaigns revolving around our community and yet people still don’t believe in them or pay attention to them.

I want to let you know this – Until people get enough informed information about diabetes and it causes diabetes would continue to thrive. This is the reason I feel I should open your eyes to critical factors about diabetes. Let’s begin with the risks of the types of diabetes –

Risk factors – Type 1 diabetes;Diabetes Loophole eBook

It is true that up till now no certain causing factor has been allotted to type I diabetes. But, below are factors signaling increased risk of it;

Damaged immune cells in the body: Sometimes members in a family having people with type I diabetes get tested for the presence of diabetes autoantibodies. Having these autoantibodies can cause an increased risk of developing type I diabetes. It is however also Important that we know that not everyone having these autoantibodies gets to develop diabetes.

Dietary issues: consuming a very low amount of vitamin D, earliness to consumption of cow milk, plus baby’s being fed with cereals before the ages of 4 months. Although there are no scientific backings having this factors as responsible for causing type I diabetes.

Environmental factor: There are series of environmental factors that exposes one to an illness that can, however, lead to type I diabetes.

Family History: If diabetes is evident in your lineage, there is, however, every tendency that you also get affected by it.

Geographical state:  It has been proven that certain people from certain geographical location have a higher risk of type I diabetes diagnosis. Sweden and Finland are good examples.


Risk Factor – Type 2 diabetes & Pre-diabetes;

Most researchers have had countless numbers of researchers as to why people gets to live pre-diabetes and type II diabetes. Today we have many explained factors some of which will be highlighted below;

Overweight: Increased fat tissues in the body causes the resistance of cells to insulin in the body. This is why more of fat people get this type of diabetes.Diabetes Loophole eBook

Reduced body-activeness: Chances of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes increases as you reduce your activeness so to say. It is, however, important that your activeness increases daily. Going about physical activities helps in weight loss, as glucose is absorbed making cells more sensitive to insulin.

Family Story: A mother who is having type 2 diabetes can easily transfer it to her offspring if preventive aids are not used.

Race: There is still no vivid reason as to why certain race has a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Races include; American Indians, Asian Americans, Black race.

Age Range: Your chances of getting diagnosed of type 2 diabetes increases as your age increases. Old age leads to weakness of somebody active aids. This is aids that should help reduce the amount of sugar stored in the body.

Pregnant Mothers:  Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes developed during pregnancy. However, if this occurs during your pregnancy there is every possibility that your chance of getting faced with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes increases. Giving birth to a baby weighing 9 pounds (4kg) also increase one’s risk of type 2 diabetes.Diabetes Loophole eBook

Risk factor – Gestational diabetes;

Almost all pregnant have tendencies of gestational diabetes, although the risks vary. Below are some of the contributing risk factors for gestational diabetes;

Age Bracket: Any women above the ages of 25 and pregnant can have gestational diabetes.

Obesity or Overweight: if you are overweight before you got pregnant there are tendencies that you are at higher risk.

There are lots of other information needed about types of diabetes. It is, however, important that we get together to the Diabetes Free Zone. Kindly join the campaign against diabetes so that we can have a Diabetes Free World!

It is very important that you have a broader view or knowledge about diabetes, you will not only be the one to enjoy the benefit of the information you have about diabetes. You could be a saving and be guarding angel to someone else and prevent them from dying unexpectedly.

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